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Town v Clitheroe

another town Fan

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Hi Gary


Was anything said about the Clitheroe number 2 being booked twice, shown a red a card and still being allowed to finish the game?. The ref could have been the son of Graham Poll.




Spoke to the Liner on the far side about the incident and the ref had NOT previously booked him prior to issuing the red. Shame really the whole team were dirty buggers :o

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The match official who was taking notes and keeping time etc had the number 2 as being booked in the first half @ 38 minutes and as we seen he was also booked in the 2nd half, even thier captain couldnt believe it that he stayed on.




The match report explains everything :wink: I think one of the problems was it was difficult to read numbers on their shirts!


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Does anyone know what kind of team we will put out tomorrow night for the dress rehersal, on the one hand we do not want to give away to many of are secrets but on the other it would be great to beat them on there patch. Cannot make it myself but intrested in the result!


The manager will know! :wink:

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