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Sex education for Primary schools -


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Errm, suppose you may have a point: it may help some kids nowadays if the learn what a Mother and Father are, rather than a Step-Dad or No Dad; and what brothers and sisters are, rather than half-bros and sisters; and that family relationships should be a life time commitment, rather than a brief encounter. :shock: But somehow, teaching kids to abstain from something that is thrust at them in advertising, movies, mags etc may be difficult. :roll::wink:

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Guess it really depends on what exactly it is they will be teaching the little 5 years olds? There has been no definitive report to tell anyone what the plans or lessons really are (well not that I've seen anyway)


Some news reports say it's actual sex education :shock:.... I would definately NOT have liked my child to be taught detailed sex education at such a young age... It's just not right... they are far TOO YOUNG and do not need to know !!!!


Some reports say it's about knowing how to name body parts and differences :?:


Some reports say it's about teaching them how to discuss their feelings and about relationships (does that mean normal kiddie friendships and feeling happy, sad, jealous, lonely etc :? )


If it does go ahead I'm sure that lessons must have to be tailored towards the specific to the age groups and that the more indepth details would not be discussed.


One thing about explaining things to kids (sensibly and at staged intervals dependent on age of course) would be that we wouldn't have the situation we have now when they are deemed old enough to be taught at the age of 10+.


Most of the kids know some stuff from their older peers by then (wether it is right or wrong who knows :wink: ) At this age some unfortunate teacher has to run a ?sex / puberty / life education? lesson which finishes up as a class full of giggling and rowdy kids mainly due to their age, pre-teen immaturity and of course embarrassment about being spoken to, let alone talking about 'it', in front of others. :oops:


Anyway in answer to the original question? I really don?t know until someone finally says this is ?exactly? what we are going to teach 5+ years olds and this is ?exactly? how we will do it.

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Hmmm - well I do not think that sex education should be taught to any child under puberty - but once they are at that point they should learn all about prevention of disease and pregnancy. I also think there are ways to teach abstinence along with self - esteem.


But really where does home life end and school begin?? Would it not be better to teach the fundamentals of learning and leave the fundamentals of life to their parents? I think all too often schools are expected to do way too much!

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