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Community Centre or hall room hire


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St Thomas' Church Hall in Stockton Heath is hired out for things just like like that. Think it would come within your budget and it's got a large stage too :D


I don't know the booking persons phone number off hand but I can get it for you if you want to ask them.

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does anyone know of a community center or hall that hire out rooms of a weekday evening at a cheap rate.


need one on a weekly basis for a drama group must be no more than ?30 for maybe 3 hours.




Phone 0800 25 26 27 Golden Gates Tenant participation officers. They should be able to advise on available venues.

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If you ring Whitecross, and ask for the Community Centre management (Lorraine Norman deals with a lot of the centres), they should be able to advise as well. Her office no: 232137.



I would list more, but I can't remember how many Mike Hughes and his gang closed.

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Thanks for your replies, lets start at the top, dismayed would you be so kind as to get me that number.




Sorry Legion ... I didn't see your post :shock: I will try my best to get their number for you tommorrow if it's not too late :oops:

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