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Man with Knife


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You may already know but the police have just chased and arrested a man with a very large knife at the junction with Shackleton Close and Cromwell, he was running from ASDA towards Gullivers when they caught him , not to sure if one of the bobbies was injured.



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can't belive what I have just read! Only just joined this site today and have just read this, now it may or may not be a coincidence but I rang my Mum on Friday lunch from work just for a catch up and she was in the process of ringing the police and said she would ring me back.


She told me she was o.k but of course I was panicking. I spoke to her within another 5 mins and basically that lunch time a young man had knocked on their door asking for a knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How bizarre is that. He said he needed it as he was in the woods cutting trees. My Mum & Dad in live in Old Hall. My Mum got my Dad to the door and he told my Dad the same thing and my Mum rang the police straight away and the guy legged it out of Weddell close.


Obviously he found a knife from somewhere but very odd.


Glad to know that the police were out looking for him following my Mum's call if it is the same guy - must be as it's too much of a coincidence!

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