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See our MP has been chirping on about CCTV, something which the UK appears to have more of than anyone else; however CCTV isn't a silver bullet and doesn't prevent crime - merely records it. :roll: It might help if this Government, instead of de-motivating the Police with a pay squabble; were to concentrate on getting more uniforms onto our streets, with faster response times to incidents; then perhaps coppers would arrive BEFORE residents get kicked to death by some moronic yobs.. :wink:

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Ste; prevention is better than cure. :roll::wink:

Quote true but untill dixon of dock green is out ont he beat then the cameras will have to do but they should be run by the Police not the council



McBain quite right its called saving money at the wrong end, theres a lot of good equipment out there that isnt much more expensive than the lower of the range kit on the market..



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