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KS2 & KS3 Schools living history


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I don't see why not you can't look at the Crusades, it is perfectly possible to look at them unemotively. The Islamic perspective is most interesting- given the fact that the Muslims in the end kicked Crusade butt and sent them scarpering home, there is a good Islamic study by a Muslim scholar- see this link:




The Islamic perspective being that while the Crusaders did horrible things to Muslims, ultimately they were just a fly in a nasty jar of ointment, and that in the shape of inter-Islamic conflicts and most of all the coming of the Mongols, the Muslims had bigger fish to fry.


That said, the slaughter in Jerusalem by the First Crusaders in 1099 and Richard I's mass beheading of the Saracens at Acre in 1191 are NOT to be considered minor incidents. They were major atrocities.

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Gunner - it was actually frowned upon a few years ago to mention the Crusades for KS3 ...... experience tells you what you can and cannot discuss .... and how delicately or thoroughly you deliver the topic :wink: which is why ALL my school visits are tailored to the tastes and requirements of the individual schools modules :wink: as it says in the last sentence of my original post :P:P

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