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Indiana dives in with both feet again!


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(ww news): See our Council obsessed MP is firing from the hip again, with her attack on plans for the Town Centre. :roll: Too many drinking establishments? :? Well, as Marks and Engels (sorry Bland!), have pointed out, most are the legacy of previous Labour Administrations; no doubt bolstered by the New Lab Government's increase in drinking times. still, their smoking ban may correct matters, by closing most pubs/clubs. :roll: Not enough "affordable" homes? :? Errm, isn't it a New Lab Government that hasn't lifted a finger to (in fact quite the opposite) to allow Councils to provide traditional "social" housing? :roll: High rise developments? :? Well, if we don't build up, we've got to build out (into the green belt), and to provide a critical mass of population in the Town Centre, high rise would seem inevitable (if done sensitively). :wink:

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Well the woman is a blithering idiot anyway. Probably making the most of the few months she has left in office to try and convince the voters that she has actually done something to earn the ?250,000.00 (or whatever obscene amount of money she (they) earn)

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It would appear that Helen Jones is out for blood regarding the "fiasco" which was the Warrington local elections. She seems to have a particular axe to grind with the returning officer Mrs. Terris.


See here http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2008-06-10a.281.0&s=speaker%3A10319#g286.0


Councillors may have to stand for election again if things are deemed to have been carried out in an unfair or undemocratic manner. :x


Would all decisions taken since May 1st be recinded and a new start made?


Its a big old can of worms this one.

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Does that mean I could get another chance not to vote for that non responsive, blithering idiot, Cllr Earl again? I was wondering why the work on the Westbrook lights hadn't started yet!!


Bring it on!!

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and as for the link PJ has put up.... I would point out the following:


All of that ignored the advice of the Electoral Commission, which makes it clear that a building used as a polling station


"needs to be close to where voters live".

Great, can I have one outside my door next time so I don't have to walk the half a mile or so to St Philips?


It seems ludicrous that the person with the legal responsibility for running an election can be away for part of the process. It is not as though we did not know when the elections were going to take place, as they were always going to be on 1 May.

Sorry darling but it is ludicrous to the rest of us that those responsible for running the country have a summer holiday that lasts till October and a Christmas break that seems to last till April! As for the last part; good job Gordon wasn't responsible for organising it otherwise we would still not know when it was going to be!


"People haven't got their polling cards." She responded?I heard her say it?"Some people have got their polling cards." In some countries, there may be a career for people who take that view of elections, but that is not how we run a democracy in Britain.

"Most people will be better off with these proposals" How many times have her government said that after screwing over the poorer members of society?


That quite ignores the fact that many people with postal votes are elderly or disabled. If they could get to the town hall, they would not need a postal vote in the first place.

Does she have proof of this? cos I always thought postal votes were the reserve of people going on holidays or like my student son who can't get out of bed long enough to go and vote!


read the rest for yourself.... I got fed up after so much drivel.

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...like my student son who can't get out of bed long enough to go and vote!


Oi, you can't tell me about a site and then bad mouth me on it!


Why haven't we moved to online voting yet? I had to get a 'government gateway ID' when I updated my driving license online, so there's an account there tied to my passport, driving license and national insurance number, so why not let me vote with it?

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See MRS Vobe, still having a go at the Council Chief Exex again in the local rag! :roll: Undermining democracy indeed; wonder how she voted on the 42 days? :wink: Which Party introduced a discredited system of postal voting, so open to abuse, a Judge compared us to a banana Republic? :wink:

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