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A frightening programme on the BBC last night ,Panorama , talking about the dangers of processed food being a major cause of diabetes ,heart problems & cancer. The main culprits seem to be an artificial sweetener called aspartame & ingredients called emulsifiers  which are used to bond food ingredients together ,they are also highly carcinogenic. It appears that most things we eat or drink contain these additives. Perhaps eating grass is a good ,healthy alternative.

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I wouldn’t worry that much Davey because throughout my life, scientists have been saying similar about one thing or another, and I’ve probably eaten them all but I’m still here. Clearly fresh food without anything added is the best but a bit of enhancement, be it in colour or flavour etc can make food more enjoyable. I think worrying about stuff like this is probably more damaging to your health than anything you can eat.

I have a friend who unlike me is one step away from being paranoid about his eating. Most of his diet is exactly the same starting with porridge made with water every morning, just a salad for lunch and while he probably varies his evening meal a bit, you can bet it’ll be something healthy. He probably believes that his eating and exercise routines will somehow extend his life but so far he has as many aches and pains as I do, and I wouldn’t take bets on which one of us will pop’s our clogs first. 😊


Bill 😊

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when you gotta go you gotta go.

eating healthy is something that not two 'experts' can agree on.

watch any program about healthy eating and they will say avoid fatty food such as butter or salt in your food.

watch any cooking show and they will put half a pound of butter into whatever they are cooking and add a handful of salt to taste.

experts wil tell you to make sure any food is thoroughly cooked and chefs will serve you a steak that a decent vet would have up on it's feet and mooing in half an hour.

it's gets worse if you have certain health issues. my mother had a heart condition and diabetes. the  diet recommended for each of these conditions were direct opposites. what was good for her heart condition was bad for her diabetes and visa versa.

genetics also play a roll in this as well. most of my wifes side of the family have lived well into their nineties.

so eat what you want and like and don't worry about the effects, after all you could be run over by an elephant tomorrow....🐘

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