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SNP - New Leader -

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Well, it seems the SNP have elected "useless Youseff" as their replacement for Sturgeon,  as the continuity candidate.   With the Green Party tail wagging the dog, to give the Scots a failed trans policy and a hairbrained re-cycling scheme, with expensive automated waste despensers, that allow for a plastic bottle tied with a piece of string, to be repeatedly deposited and retrieved, giving a 20p credit each time !   One really has to wonder at the gullibilty of the Scots, who have been led down the garden path of "Independence" since the Jacobite rebellions.  Hopefully, the police will pursue their inquiries into the alleged financial corruption at Hollyrood  and  the SNP bandwagon will finally collapse.       :rolleyes: 

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Now it seems the Scots Police are investigating the fInances of the SNP, and the top echelon of the SNP are jumping ship;   but what I can't understand, is why the UK Gov hasn't jumped in to investigate alleged mis-spending of Gov funds by the devolved Gov.  The use of public money to open Scots Embassies abroad and international trips by Sturgeon and Co; after all, she was little more than a local Council Leader with a pretence of leading an independent Nation.     They have abused the original concept of devolution, something I originally supported;  and could have been extended to the Regions of England;  but I'm afraid Scotland and Wales have brought the concept into disrepute, and perhaps they should now to closed down ?      😠

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