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Paying the price.

Observer II

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With a growing queue of pay demands and strike actions this Winter, the Gov appear to be holding the line in order to avoid increasing inflation.   Whilst this would seem to be common sense,  it can equally appear unjust for a public sector that has endured de facto pay cuts over the previous period of austerity.   But if the Gov are holding the line in order to combat an inflation spiral and reining in spending generally, I think we should be asking serious questions about their spending commitments generally.   We've seen Sunack giving £millions to China and France, plus £millions being spent on burocrats in the NHS and the huge cost of housing migrants in hotel accomodation, so if they can waste money on such things, it tends to undermine any claim to fiscal prudence.   The Tories simply have to get a grip of these issues by major draconian means and prioritise our indigenous public in their spending plans.   😠

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Talking of spending money,  do we ever get audited reports on the money we're sending to Ukraine ?   The Yanks have spent $91 billion in Ukraine without any idea of how it's spent, they now believe at least $20 billion has gone missing, no doubt on get-away properties etc abroad,  where the advanced guard of cowardly, corrupt oligarchs have already set up.   😠

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