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Inverted Potholes?


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I’m getting a bit miffed off now with the damage to my cars suspension which mechanics claim is almost certainly due to speed bumps. It’s not like I drive over them fast, in fact I reckon I annoy a lot of drivers for being overly cautious. In my entire driving life, I’ve never suffered broken springs like this, but since these bloody bumps got put down, all my cars have ended up with costly repairs due to broken springs. I’ve lost track of how many springs have broken on the Alfa which BTW isn’t a cheap car and now the Mazza has a snapped spring at 26k miles.

The thing is, if these were potholes, I’d probably be right in putting in a claim to the council but as it stands, they’d just say it’s my own fault.


Bill 😊

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Don't know about over cautious bill. i have to slow to almost a stop to get over them, especially the pillow ones otherwise i end up on two wheels for a few yards otherwise.

wouldn't be too bad if they were all the same height or the same width. the worst i have suffered with them though is the going over those that are just a two inch wide lump across the road. unpainted they can launch my car into the next street  if i hit them at any speed.

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