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CBI admission -

Observer II

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Seems the CBI have finally come clean in wanting more immigration,  though dressed up in the cloth of highly skilled recruitment, the fact remains that it's all about cheap labour in jobs that workshy Brits avoid, prefering to rely on sickness benefits.   For those that are prepared to work,  high immigration merely supresses their earnings, which motivates employers.   So a bit of a catch 22,  where growth is based on low pay, but ignores tax consumption by immigrants.  Seems the Lab - Con  alliance have come to the same conclusion on this,  just when we can expect a surge in immigration from Ukraine.   :rolleyes:

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it's the case here obs as well or at least was when i was adding my signature to the ranks of the unemployed.

If you were even thought of as not actively looking for work they would stop your benefits.

They tried that with me until they found out that they weren't actually paying me anything. I was drawing my works pension which was £3.00 per week more than what they paid on the dole. so although i was getting the free dental and such i wasn't getting a penny off them and was just signing on to keep my pension going.

the look on the guy's face when he realised that i wasn't getting paid was hilarious. more so when he told me that i had more than enough for a full pension. i just stood up and said "bye then" and walked out. i started the next day working for my brother.


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