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FIFA Fiasco ?

Observer II

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It's fairly clear to most, that Quatar bought the World Cup from FIFA, in an age where sport is clearly all about money, and fans go along with it, rather than boycotting Quatar due to the corruption of FIFA and the human rights record of the hosts.   As for the planned LBGT protest by England wearing arm bands is concerned, at least FIFA got this right imo,  as I doubt we would agree to any players wearing other political symbols like a swastika for example.    :rolleyes:

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When in Rome ETC - We've now got the nonsense of  England "fans" dressing up in Crusader gear, which winds up the Muslims; likewise trying to wear rainbow LGBT colours; all forms of virtue signalling.   If these people really want to "make a political statement", they should stop going to these Countries, and that includes the teams.     :rolleyes:

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