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ECHR again -

Observer II

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Two of the many convicted Asian grooming gang members are fighting extradition to Pakistan and have been backed by the ECHR.  First, their HR lawyers advised them to renounce their Pakistani citizenship, making themselves stateless.  The plea from one, was that his extradition would deprive his children of a "role model" .  The cost of this farce is being funded in free legal aid paid by the tax-payer.  Meanwhile, grooming continues in many of our Cities, with young white girls as victims, with cases being ignored by woke Labour local Authorities.   😠

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Apparently,all this power that the ECHR has over the UK judiciary has been caused by Blair signing up to the most rigid of legal treaties with the court. Most EU states are involved with a lesser version that the usually just ignore anyway.

The UK should become more European & just ignore the meddling of the ECHR.

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Er.., the UK was the first country to ratify the European Convention on Human Rights in 1951..... nothing to do with Blair. What Blair did was to pass the Human Rights Act 1998 which incorporated some of the EHCR into UK law and required UK courts to interpret the law in a way which did not disapply the intention of the ECHR unless UK Statute Law said it should be disapplied. The Link with the EU was only that the EU treaties required member states to be parties to the ECHR, leaving the EU made no difference to the UK in respect of the ECHR. There was an agreement at a meting of the Council of Europe where the power of the EU to grant injunctions, like the one that stopped the Rwanda flight, was agreed a not being valid. Our officials should only have reacted to a full blown judgement and ignored any injunctions, that was the fault of the anti-government civil disservice rather than the European Court of Human rights.  

All members are free to ignore rulings that they believe to be wholly wrong: the UK was told to let prison inmates have the vote, UK governments just ignored that one. There is no need to leave the European Council to achieve reasonable outcomes. Russia left because it wanted unreasonable outcomes - we should not follow Russia's example in anything, they really are a terrorist state in the context of the United Nations and international law.

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