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Don't be a naughty boy ,Vlad ...

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While it is evident that the Gen. Sec. of the UN is upset about the war in Ukraine with all its suffering ,it is increasingly obvious that the UN has no power whatsoever in terms of imposing a stop on hostilities. Putin has a veto on any proposals for a cease fire & it's in his hands when he wants to stop his invasion & he is seemingly becoming more hostile to western suppliers of aid & arms to Ukraine. Let us hope the tinder does no more than smoulder.

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The harder it gets, the longer it lasts, will mean Putin will escalate the use of weapon types and destructive effect, ultimately until someone makes an error of judgement and we get into a nuclear exchange.   All we are doing by supplying Ukraine with weapons is to exacerbate this process. The Yanks are engaged in a proxy war against Russia, with the declared objective of weakening them, and they are pursuing it to the last Ukrainian.  💀

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17 minutes ago, Observer II said:

I would think the West would recognise that he has form -  Georgia, Chetnia; he's clearly on a mission, and if he's mentally unstable, that makes things ten times worse, so we need some skilled negotiation, not bellicose rhetoric.   💀

If he steps down, there is nowhere on the planet that he would feel safe. That means he literally has nothing to lose and negotiation with such an individual will not work. When his entourage realise that sticking with him is a certain death sentence for them and only then things may change. There is nothing the West can do.

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