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something to ponder on

Evil Sid

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Just a few thoughts that came to me over the years when taking a shower....(not that type you mucky minded lot)

1. Was Harry potter is the only living pupil at Hogwarts who wore glasses?

2. If you remember something that you had previously forgotten does that mean you forgot that you forgot it or that you remembered you forgot it?

3. If Harry Potter used magic to fix his glasses why didn't he just use it to fix his eyesight instead?

4.Have you ever wondered how much toothpaste you have thrown away that was left in the tube because you couldn't get it out?

5. why do hot dogs come in jars of eight and hot dog buns come in packs of six?

6. How long does it take to cook instant noodles in a microwave?


The answers to these and many other questions will probably never be known,but if anybody is willing to fund research into the answers then i will quite happily research the answers on their behalf.

and on a side note has anybody ever invented a spoon that allows you to get the last bits of jam from around the bit of the jar under the lid?

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Sid, I worked with a guy that was so mean he would keep the same teabag to keep brewing a cup of tea until it barely coloured the water, now he had an answer to  your question No.5 he used to slit an almost empty toothpaste tube to scrape the last bit of toothpaste out before discarding it.  His nickname was Isaiah as one of his eyes was literally higher than the other. 

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Sometimes it’s easy enough to miss the joke.

Back in the day I worked for a radio manufacturing company called Racal, later to become Vodaphone and during that time there was an old guy who was employed as a night watchman. There was little for him to do, so most of his time you’d see him sweeping up and dusting down the benches. I think his name was Harry but most simply called him the graduate and it wasn’t until I asked someone why they called him that, that I realized he was the dusting off man.

Another odd and this time, embarrassing name instance occurred at the same company but over in the States. The general manager there was known by everyone as Jerry Aterix (geriatrics) I assumed his name was Jerry and the Aterix part was added as a joke relating to his age.

After nearly six months of addressing him as Jerry, he explained his name was Arnie short for Arnold and his surname was Jeramix. So Arnie Jeramix became Jerry Aramix then finally onto his knickname of Geriatrics.


Bill 😊

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algy i think i worked with his brother for a while. he would just lob a tea bag in once a week until there was no room for water then he emptied the pot and started again.

The reason  always wonder about the toothpaste is Mrs Sid is one of those heathens who squeeze the centre of the tube. whenever she puts an old tube aside for throwing out i can manage to ease enough toothpaste from the bottom to fill a quarter of the tube at the top. I have even got her one of those devices that you put on the end of the tube and wind it through a bit at a time but she managed to break it on her first use.

On the subject of odd names we had a rigger working for us who everybody called "cocker". i thought it was some kind of particular job title until i found out his surname was Roache giving him the name Cocker Roache.

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