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Overseas Aid ?

Observer II

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Another example of politicians being at odds with public opinion:-   A YouGov poll majority supported a cut in Overseas Aid, yet we've got opposition Parties being supported by Tory Wets;  trying to overturn a Gov reduction.   But what we never seem to tackle in this issue, is the question of cost effectiveness, in terms of how much money actually gets to the points of need, and how much is taken by recipient Governments/Leaders, to fill their personal bank accounts or spend on arms etc.  Along side this. we have a large charity industry supposedly making similar donations to third world Nations, only to learn that the CEO's of these charities are consuming large sums in salaries.   We also have support to Nations, that are sufficiently wealthy to fund their own space programs and nuclear arms capabilties.   So perhaps some track and trace by auditors would help in ensuring effective allocation of UK tax-payer's money ?     :unsure:

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