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73 year old kicked into Mersey.


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A message from the man’s daughter

Thanks everyone! Thankfully the perp has received some jail time for the incident. Although he would certainly be looking at longer if this had gone a different way. People asking how my father is, he is yet to want to go walking/ fishing alone but is now going out on day trips with family. We have a fishing trip booked in on the 25th we're going to drive him there and drop him off, hopefully he feels up to it and he can think about picking out a new bike when he's ready. It's gonna take a bit of time I think though. Thank you all for kind donations. I'll try and get pictures as and when to update you.

The whip round for him managed to raise over three times what was originally hoped for and donations are still trickling in.


Bill 😊

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1 hour ago, Bill said:

And in answer to the question did they have to pay compensation, yes, both had to pay £500 each in addition to some court costs.


Bill 😊

Great news.

Maybe a long weekend somewhere in Lake District would renew his confidence

And the boys must both pay immediately or the sentence will be doubled.

If they can't afford to pay then the parents must.. A good wake up call for all ""couldn't be bothered where my kids are" parents 👍

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