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All at sea -

Observer II

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With Dutch super-trawlers now emptying our waters of fish, and marine mammals, in a last minute fishing binge; the RN are deploying four corvettes to guard our fishing grounds.  Meanwhile, in a show of EU dis-unity;  the despicable French are preparing to safeguard their own waters against other EU trawlers; clearly no honour amongst thieves.   :rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, Observer II said:

Well he certainly seems to have upset his fishermen, in his attempts to spite the UK.     Interesting that the RN are being given powers to arrest foreign trawler masters operating within UK waters; which poses the question, why didn't they do this with illegal migrants ?     😠

The RN have always had the power of arrest over foreign fishing boats if they were breaking the law (net mesh sizes, over-quota fishing etc). They can't arrest illegal migrants at sea because they haven't broken any laws until they land and enter the country illegally, when it becomes the job of the police.

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