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There's a lot of hyperbole around political statements, but this one I can justify.  Democrats are evil from top to bottom.  Trump has announced that a vaccine will be available within a few weeks.  Fizer and several other companies have invested billions of dollars ( please don't say, it's because of profits ! That's not the point) into a speedy vaccine and they have been successful.  

Unbelievable but what do Harris and Biden do ?  They tell the American people not to take the vaccine, Kamala Harris said on tv that she will never take it cos Trump has probably poisoned it !  They are willing to put people and the country at risk for political gain.  They got slammed on social media and are too dumb to see that coming.

You need to worry, cos y'all will feel the effect if the idiots take over.  

I told my son, who lives in Philadelphia, to tell the liberals up there, that I will give a $100 to everyone who can name one thing, since Obama's inauguration, that the Democrats have done that benefits the American people.  That was a month ago and it hasn't cost me a dime.  Hating Trump is not a political platform !


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Hating Trump  is just habit forming. We send BBC journos to the East Coast and they come back indoctrinated and spread that all over the Corporation. I hear my kids telling me how awful Trump is but they don't see how he plays with the establishment. They also don't get that the NYT was led by an ex-BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, which explains why the two organisations had had such long term similar mindsets. When people quote the NYT I just react the same way as when they quote the Grauniad!

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