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Planning Objections hit 1000


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Angry residents have responded to the latest major planning application by Gulliver's World  and objections have poured into Warrington Development Control.

The Application 2020/36670 and 2020/3670 will destroy  15 acres of woodland  for the siting of holiday chalets, 69 static caravans and lodges and woodland activity zone.  Construction of welcome suite/staff headquarters,pet resort,spa, and facilities building,provision of hard surfaces and parking areas and other hard and soft ground works.

The  application launched at the outset of the pandemic lock down must go down as a cynical attempt to push through a highly contentious major planning application.Consultation was totally inadequate  Old Hall and other concerned address notifications were fastened  lampposts with a response in 21 days time limit. Due to the huge negative response this was eventually extended and Development . Control were more or less forced to letter all concerned objecting residents and extended the deadline.

This poor notification tactic allows contentious planning applications to pass through the planning process by stealth. Residents of Callands and Westbrook  were  alarmed to find that in 2019  a previous  theme park application for a pirate themed hotel had dropped anchor in the Gulliver's World car park. According to the record only 4 objections were raised. If recent history says anything it is obvious that had the populace been advised of the  pirates arrival it would certainly have received a much more hostile reception. Its hard not to think that planning officers have no concept of the harm they are doing to residents affected by their decisions in this instance. Its just a tick box exercise as far as they are concerned and if you read the planning documents and emails between the applicant and the planning officer you might conclude that they are on the same side of the desk.  

 There seems to be a determination at higher levels of Warrington BC to market it as a Regional Destination and Gulliver's World have been chosen to deliver it. However their aspiration don't  fit into the space available in Callands and Westbrook and the residents have well and truly spoken.

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please remove this threaaad
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On the plus side it would give us all somewhere not to far away to go for a chalet/caravan holiday seeing as though we can't really go anywhere else...will they allow tents too?...and maybe a man made beach with wave machine may be a good idea to pull in the tourists.  Threat of pirates may put many off though lol. 
Sorry only kidding but did get me thinking as I have no holiday planned this year boo hoo... and the way things are I'd even be happy to spend a week within a few miles away from home in a tent at gulllivers just for a break from constant work and home environment that I've been stuck between for the past 4 months other than the odd trip to morrisons, tesco or asda every few weeks if I'm lucky.

Same for us all though I know :(    

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