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Just watched a docu-drama on Blaze Channel, titled "Barbarians Rising".  The episode dealt with the history of Hannibal, possibly the greatest General in history; but he was depicted as a Negro.   Now we know Carthage was in current Tunisia, which is in North Africa, not Sub-Saharan Africa.   The Carthaginians owed their origins to the Phonecians,  who originated in Syria, which would suggest a M/Eastern depiction of the great General.  This was evidently a US production, with comments from several black Americans, including Jesse Jackson.  One, suggested that Rome enslaved peoples, which they did; but suggested that Carthage didn't, which I find suspect.   So I made a point of viewing the credits,  and there it was "#blacklivesmatter";   So, whilst a good programme overall, the woke revisionism spoilt it;  and  indicates the kind of history being taught today.      :rolleyes:😠

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