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Going back in time ?

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Seems full State funding is to be provided for a new Catholic School, which presumably will prioritise students on religious grounds;  no doubt setting a precedent for other religions.  Surely in the 21 Century we should be striving for a secular education system, evidence based on science.  If religious ignorance and hatred around the world and close to home in Ireland hasn't shown the need to consign such superstitious brainwashing to history, we haven't learnt a thing.

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I'm sure there wasn't Asp; but that's not the point. The point is, indoctrinate folk into one line of belief, however benign, and you provide them with a team shirt when conflict does arise.   State Schools are for evidence based education imo;  belief can be sought in Churches, Mosques or Synagogues.

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The one thing that religions agree on is that "wrongdoers" will go to hell.

The one thing that religions have in common is that they teach/preach that their religion is the only "true" one.( a bit like political parties really)

My view is that if one "god" exists then all "Gods" must exist. ditto all devils etc.

what is taught in schools is set out by the education department curriculum. the parents have the right to have their children excluded from religious studies either wholly or partly.

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