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Legal minefield -

Observer II

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Full marks to Priti Patel and the Tories for at least respecting the concerns of the majority of electors, in trying to tighten up immigration laws; in total contrast to Labour's pitch to welcome in all and any arrivals.  However, as an advocate of a tighter system, I can see any initiative running into a minefield of HR laws and woke objections.  In theory, any "illegal" entrant should be able to be deported immediately they are caught landing on the beach,  but the problem seems to be, that they are detained, while circling HR lawyers swoop in to advise them,  with tax-payer funded legal aid; to apply for  (bogus) asylum.  Seems these cases take years to resolve by the HO, during which time applicants are housed, fed and watered by the tax-payer; during which time, it's possible for applicants to start a family over here and have children classed as British citizens, thus complicating further any deportation action.  Then there is the question of "legal" entrants, invited in on the basis of visa applications based on a so-called points system;  sound in theory, but lacking in thought.  EG: Are visa applicants subject to medical and security vetting prior to issue ?  Are visas time limited, to fill tempory skills gaps?  And what happens if they start a family over here ?   Seems the Gov need to clear the minefield as part of their attempt to clear the abuse.

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