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Bridge Foot roadworks need clarification


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I've just read the story about the proposed roadworks at Bridge Foot but can't for the life of me work out just what this diversion involves despite the explanation. Maybe I'm just too thick to understand this but is there any kind of diagram because even at the best of times I'm never sure what lane I should be in at this place.


An alternative route for traffic using Warrington New Bridge from the Mersey Street end will be via the A49 Wilderspool Causeway southbound to Brian Bevan island and then returning along Wilderspool Causeway northbound to Warrington Bridge.

Hang on I think I've worked this out. Is it if you've come onto the roundabout from Mersey Street you cant right turn onto the bridge and have to go over the causeway and come back. That's it, must be old age!


Bill :)

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I just had to get my A to Z out for this and, if you leave out Wilderspool Causeway twice and say A5060 to and around Brian Bevan Island and return Northbound it makes more sense. I would think people equate Wilderspool Causeway as being the road from Brian Bevan Island to Stockton Heath rather than the short section of road over the bridge.

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simple really, if you want to go down wilson patten street from bridge foot and you are coming from the riverside retail park you will not be able to turn right. You will have to go across the lights over the bridge towards chester road, round bevan island, back over the bridge towards bridge foot and then left over the mersey and into wilson patten street. (unless you use a satnav to avoid it then you will probably end up in birmingham) :blink:

Can't wait for the complaints about traffic gridlock......:lol:

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