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Fat tax ?


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How much more work would a larger item require and how much more material?

for example i have seen denim jeans advertised as follows. 34/36/38 waist with a 29 leg length price £20.00 per pair. 40/42/44/46 waist with a 29 leg length £25.00 per pair. so say for and extra foot of waist (difference between 34 and 46) it costs and extra £5.00 (for men's denims)

on a similar advert ladies denims as follows. size 10 through to size 16 with a 27 leg £20.00 per pair. size 18 through to size 24 with a 27 leg £22.00 per pair same foot of material but 2"" less on leg length £2.00 extra.

both examples have extra work involved for larger sizes both use about the same amount of extra material but men's are £3.00 more than women's

why do we assume all people over a certain weight are "fat".  Some person worked out what the ideal weight of a person should be based on height and probably age. anybody who is over that ideal weight is considered "fat". so say that if you are six foot your ideal weight (for a man) is 12 stone (or it's equivalent in metrical weight) if you are six foot and weigh 14 stone are you "fat"? well according to ideal weight you are but what if it is muscle weight and not excess fat. Most six foot rugby players weigh in at about fifteen stone and they are not fat are they?

oh dear i have lost the plot again sorry folks too early and too much blood in the caffeine stream.

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Then you can forget buying clothes in the store concerned for anyone of that size. Further it is the shape of the models being unlike most of the population that causes women to need larger sizes. Choose the wrong shape model and everyone needs large sizes and there's more profit!

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Well, I think there's a common agreement that professional models are anorexic looking creatures on the whole, and probably used for the reason you stated.  However, returning to the original point, if obesity causes expense, it may incite folk to do something about it ?      -_-

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