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Just to digress a little ,i noticed on the news footage of the Commonwealth Leaders conference  that the woman who took the government to court over the referendum result was on the stage. Now ,even though she is from a Caribbean country, she isn't a political leader so what was that all about ?

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1 hour ago, Confused52 said:

Davy, her Father was the Attorney-General of Guyana until 2009.

I see.

What i find strange with the Windrush saga is the length of time these people have been in the UK before they were found to be "undesirable". These people had ancestors who fought & died for freedom in the world wars  & only found themselves in the Caribbean  as a result of ancestors being transported there as slaves probably to benefit Britain. Absolute scandal.

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If everyone who has worked in the UK is issued with an NI number, I fail to see how the mistake was made, as they must be on a data base.   Meanwhile, we're getting daily deliveries of illegal migrants in the back of trucks, which don't seem to get deported.     :rolleyes:

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