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Grid lock at Sainburys - again


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It's on the front news page Obs althogh it says 'photo submitted' so not a Gary one.

It said on the radio and hour or so ago that the driver had to be cut from the car and is though to have serious injuries :(  Hope he's going to be ok....

I must admit I was going to Tesco (and even more supermarkets are available) and Screwfix both up Winwick Road and considering it was 5.45pm and Church Street was closed there was no traffic on Wilderspool Causeway at all and I even sailed through Bridge Foot too (bit of a queue on Mersey Street due to the new carpark traffic lights)....but then no traffic again and same up Winwick Road.   It only took me 10 minutes and normally that time of the day it would take well over 30 minutes if not longer.  Maybe everyone was just avoiding the whole area though presuming town centre would be gridlocked.

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The driver of the car involved is 84 years old and mounted the pavement after being blinded by the sun when he flipped the car, he is perfectly all right other than grazing one of his fingers, he was taken to hospital and checked over and was released later that day. The gentleman in question is a fiend of one of my wife's friends and rang her to give her the details in case she was worried.

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