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Deal or No Deal with the DUP Ruth says NO

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But that's how politician work it's on their CV - I have become so very cynical - the thing is we never get to see what goes on behind the scenes :ph34r: until the books come out when their career is on the ropes.:unsure: 

I'm thinking of doing a story of Teddy George my Mayoral mascot - he was slated from the start by some who warmed to him - BUT one person had a time going for me on another local media site.

The tale will be from his point of view and his exploits and for children to find out what the Mayor does - he might also reveal about his trip to Venice with the Warrington Rotary Club

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I suspect many may be 38 degrees members! An organisation which seems to be associated with Soros and somewhat left leaning. I overhead a conversation this morning where two youngsters were talking about the DUP and saying they were right-wing. I suspect the DUP are more reactionary and old fashioned than right wing in the usual sense.

This kind of media and social network pressure is getting out of hand though; as is the permanently offended tendency. Unless the media stops talking about it I suppose it will carry on being a feature of what we hear, it is after al cheaper than actual journalism.

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and now her chief of staff duo have resigned and sacrificed themselves ............. you couldn't make this political cock up by all parties day after day ... is there any MP that has a clue what they are doing or stand for?

Where are our leaders when you need them - oh what's that you say they've jumped ship and become Super Mayors :wub: or gone abroad.

When I visited Lisborn I met one of the hardest Mayors I know Thomas Beckett DUP councillor - very nice man - I've just seen him on TV lifting up his MP. Thomas used to do 4 or 5 engagements in a day, then help out his MP and then start his own Council work. His team Crewe United beat Warrington in the peace cup, our lads weren't bitter as they had thrashed them the year before over here.

So not only was a winner but he was a team player which is something that is absent at the moment from our MPs 

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