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Anyone need Lettuce ?


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I'm sure there are still plenty of frozen vegetables & fresh fruits available to satisfy even the most ardent vegetarian.

but you can't buy frozen lettuce Davy.  Mmm now there's a thought...why can't you freeze lettuce, anyone know ?


What if we all want salads for tea.....as if people would want that though in this weather...it's blummin' freezing again !! :lol:


All they hype and hysterical lettuce buying is pretty stupid though as once the weather warms up a bit there will be loads again...or we could just grow our own on the window sills of our heated houses.


My concern is the news of possible bacon shortage now..... I wont survive that :|



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Mmm now there's a thought...why can't you freeze lettuce, anyone know ?

You can actually freeze lettuce but because of the high water content of the leaves it tends to go slimy when thawed due to rupturing of the cell walls so no use for salad purposes.

You can use frozen lettuce for cooking and for flavouring, but why you want want lettuce flavoured ice cream is a mystery. (great thing this interweb thingy for getting info like that)


(Note the optimum temperature for storing lettuce is around 5C, it should also be loosely bagged in a perforated bag and should last around a week provided it is stored within two hours of purchase)

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