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Driving offence deterents ?


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A simple removal of driving privileges would be a better deterrent. Something along the lines of crushing the car and then charging the offender for it maybe. :twisted:


With bluetooth now a standard feature in most new cars today there is no real excuse to have the mobile in your hand whilst driving.


Even my non smart phone can be used with a bluetooth headset, not that i bother answering it whilst driving. If i get a text then it can wait until i stop. if it is a phone call then i have an answer machine facility for people to use which i will check when i have stopped driving.


For social media and the like i have a computer at home which i use. Seems to be that people this day and age are so wrapped up in posting about their life that they are simply not living it unless they can tell the whole world.

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Sounds a good idea Sid:  but it needs to be a progressive deterent - three strikes and your out, sort of thing. So fines double with each successive offence, starting at say £2,000; failiure to pay = car confiscated and sold off; the proceeds going to pay for our prison system maybe ?

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Apparently, Amazon drivers who are actually employed by agencies are finding that breaking the law by speeding is one of life's necessities in getting their jobs done. 150+ drops a day & long hours are taking their toll & road compromising safety. 

It isn't good enough though for these companies to say that drivers are not employed by them but a third party & these big companies should be fined just as much as any driver when offences are committed.

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