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TBH i think i would trust Hilary better with the safety of the world as we know it. I should think Donald would be gung ho enough to press the button & think later .

Just the opposite, she appears to be the same material of which Blair type war criminals are made.

A criminal investigation has just been reopened on her by the FBI which seems to centre on her breaching US national security on a grand scale for personal gain, it's possible her presidential bid is on the rocks anyway.

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The choices given to the American people are probably worse than for many years then & it seems to me that these two misfits shouldn't even be in with a sniff of sitting in the Oval Office. It is very shambolic of the electoral system of the biggest democracy in the western world.

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I agree with Freeborn John: any woman with a mission to prove she's more macho than any bloke, is a dangerous entity indeed. She's already argued for a "no fly zone" in Syria, which could involve escalation into a war with Russia. The reason we've got Trump, is the same reason we got Brexit; a major section o the population has been deserted by the political elite, and now they're voting for anything that isn't politics as usual.

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