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Hot or Cold ?


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Day 3 of my bad back after simply bending down to clean something and on the way back up I felt something 'go'. 

I've never felt pain like it and it's really starting to 'p' me off now.  If I sit down but upright I'm not to bad but the getting down and up takes me for ever and I swear a lot :oops: 
Lying flat on my back on the bed is not too bad either but then I cant get up and the pain is awful...it took me over 30 minutes again today to manage to get upright then to stand.   As for walking well forget that if it's anything over 20 steps in one go :(

So here's the question....what's really best for a bad back.  HEAT (like hot water bottle or deep heat spray) or COLD like bags of frozen veg or freezer ice block packs...... and for how long ?


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Depends on what is actually wrong dizz.


Usually best get a doc to check it over in case it is a disc that has gone.They will either tell you the best method of treatment or refer you to a specialist for further investigation.


Been lucky in that the only time that my back has been bad it has been muscular, which is just a matter of putting up with the ache and not doing too much bending and stretching until it has healed itself.


There is always the NHS helpline of course if you are willing to chance it and the problem you have is on their list of questions and answers.

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I get a bad back ache just by doing mundane jobs like standing at the ironing board for half an hour, this has plagued me for 10 years, my GP  prescribes co-codamol for me and I find 2 of them and a sitting in the armchair with a hot water bottle on the low part of my spine really does the trick within 25 min's

And just in passing I first put my back out tying my shoe laces of all flipping things  :oops:

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Thanks Evils and Latchy. 

No point in ringing NHS Helpline or our doctors...I'd probably get more help from ringing our dogs on call vets  :lol:  

I have no idea what's wrong but I don't think it will be anything nasty like a disc as it's more to the side sort of 2 inches to the left of my coccyx then about 3 to 4 inches up.
It feels like something is 'stuck' in the wrong place.  Maybe it's just a muscle or trapped nerve.  

I'd best not tell my son I've been using the plastic freezer blocks he uses in his lunch box to keep his salad cold....he might not be too happy that I've had them wedged down the back of my jeans :lol:  :lol: 

I tried Deep Heat spray too but I think I must be allergic to it cos I had the shakes and went all wheezy after using that....should have read the warnings first ha ha.

Never thought about a hot water bottle....that's next on my list either hot water or ice in it.

It is feeling a bit better tonight though and odly it doesn't hurt as much when I'm sat at my computer and not even a twinge if I'm in my car...well apart from the getting in and out OUCH !

Could be worse I guess as my other half has had some really nasty stomach bug or food poisoning for 4 days......sods law we are both a pair of useless layabouts at the same time cos the poor dog is missing her walks and looks super miserable :(


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If you think it may be a muscular thing then maybe a chat to a chemist might be of benefit to see what they can suggest. Very helpful most chemist these days and they will tell you to see a gp if they think it is more serious than a strain (or they are not sure what the problem is)

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