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Post Brexit rise in hate crimes

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I can do lots without the internet, Google is just one of many search engines by the way.  How they work is ( for those clearly left behind in the 80's) sort of like the index of the biggest encyclopaedia in the world, ever.  You request a search for information and it offers you a vast array of options pertinent to your search request.  You claim to get your knowledge (sic) from the TV.  not long after the TV was invented people were saying the same things about it as you are now doing regarding the internet (for some reason you always pick on Google) .  So tell me, what is wrong with using the internet as a news resource and a library and a TV and an encyclopaedia and a huge reference book?  You have embraced technology enough to join an online forum, in fact you have become addicted to it, why deny yourself such a fount of knowledge?  If you used it properly instead of a place to preach your anti immigrant rhetoric you may become a half decent human being, but looking at your past record I won't hold out too much hope.  Carry on being a neanderthal, it has a kind of suitability.

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:lol:    doh !   :lol:

you know what is truly amusing about this, you can't even spell D'oh! properly and it would be a chance to slip in a legitimate exclamation mark.  The word you keep gobbing up is the first and eighth note of the major scale.   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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