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Jo Cox


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this is what James O'Brien said this morning, hard to argue with it really.


If I was to be reading my newspaper every single morning and being told my very existence was under seige, by people I’ve never met and never seen but keep getting told are coming here in their hordes.

If I was to open my newspaper or turn on my radio or telivision set, and told that every body who is coming here is a rapist and they’ve got their eyes on our women and we’ve got no chance whatsoever of protecting ourselves, and unless we do this or do that, or treat them like this or treat them like that, then we’re all doomed, we are all going to hell in a handcart.

If I was told it’s time to reclaim our country every time I got out of bed in the morning, I would begin to believe it I think… if I didn’t have the knowledge or the insights and the education to know that it is not true.

We want our country back from whom?

We want our country back from when?

We want our country back, how?


…. Convince me if you can, that political debate in Britain in the last couple of years has NOT created an environment in which we find it easy to believe… or possible to believe, that this sort of violence, that this sort of terrorism, could unfold on our streets.

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I would be inclined to listen to that argument had you reacted in the same way when Lee Rigby was killed by a paranoid schizophrenic.  Of course it's political,  and most of what O'Brien said about the hate speak , resonates very closely with a lot of your hateful comments on here.

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Wow, so now a leap to drag in comment on this forum - despicable.   The fact that we have mentally ill folk, supposedly receiving "care in the community"; when it evidently isn't the case, should be the point of concern; not cheap political attempts to point score.   :twisted:

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No more than Lee Rigby or any other victim of such attacks.  I wondered how long, in their desperation, it would take before the lefty luvvies tried to pin this on views accepted by the majority of folk (over 70% want controls on immigration); but I forget, your lot don't want to pander to populism, just have "experts" running everything, like the EU and ignore the democratic will of the people.    8) 

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Wasn't aware that the perpetrators were mentally ill; if they were, they'd be in a mental facility now, rather than prison.   8)


Addressing Adebowale during sentencing, the judge said: "I am persuaded that the combination of your lesser role, your age and your pre‐existing and continuing mental condition mean that it is not appropriate in your case to impose a whole-life term."

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