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Nursing homes


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My dear old mum's reached a stage in her life where she needs a place in a nursing home. Both nursing and dementia care are needed, and we haven't got a ton of money to throw at top-ups, but we could stand a bit.


So, any personal recommendations, opinions, and any to steer clear of please, though the idea about "if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything" may apply.


We're visiting a few this week and we haven't got bags of time to play with. I'm aware of CQC inspections and ratings, it's the word of mouth stuff I'm after.


Thanks in advance.

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Fug, just noticed I put WestDale and it is actually WestVale sorry


Yeah, figured as much PJ, no probs.


Well, as it happens, things have moved on apace here and I was greatly relieved this morning to receive a call from the home that was first choice of both me and my sister. They can provide the kind of care mum needs and they have a room available. Just hope it lives up to its promise.

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Aww I'm so sorry to read about your mum Fugs :( 

I'm glad you've managed to secure a place for her at the care home you and your sister both preferred though and I hope your mum will be very happy there and gets the care she needs bless her x

Horrid thing dementia and one of my neighbours has gone into care recently due to ill health and quite sudden onset of dementia.  He's really happy where he is though and seems much better in himself too like a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders now he's there and not at home on his own.

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