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Burn's Night & Ceilidh

great white

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:bluegrab: grab your ticket now! :bluegrab:


A great family night, organised by Stockton Heath Altenative. All profits to go towards village heritage schemes.



The schemes under consideration currenlty are support towards the re-siting of the Forge Machines, and help towards the refurbishment of St Thomas's hall.


This was a great event last year, so come along and soak up the atmosphere, see the haggis. :x


Mail: verjast@supanet.com for tickets, Put Burn's night in the subject please.


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an irish band that consists of basically a flute, tin whistle,accordian a fiddle and a bodhran. although electric guitar and drums may also be part of it. Thanks Sid :D


Unfortunately I have probably spelled it the Irish way, but this is a band that will play Scottish music, no tin whistle, but most of the other things. :o


Still it is entertaining and is great fun, as is the real ale.


Even better, to make the night go with a swing, we are auctioning some prizes, Namely, 'A narrow boat for the day' courtesy of thorn marine, and also a 'morning clay pigeon shooting'.


Last year was a great night, and we are heading for another.


Oh, by the way Dismayed, it is pronounced Kay-Lee, or is it Kayleigh? :onfire:


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