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Recyle your Hover Board ?


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Maybe it's just me but none stop on the news again are these Hover boards and the dangers but surely Amazon telling people who have recently bought them (probably as xmas pressies for their kids) to simply take them to their nearest recycling centre (tip) and that they will be getting a full refund is not very sensible.  Surely they should make people send them back !!

I'm sure that there will be lots of (stupid) parents who are rubbing their hands together in the knowledge that they will get an automatic refund without having to prove that they have actually dumped them and who say 'brill little Johnny still get his much wanted pressy and we'll just keep an eye on it when it's charging, we/it will be fine, and it's not cost us a penny, cheers Santa' ..... :cry: 



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Can't see the point in that as you say dizz. Getting them to send them back as proof post free yes but to just send them to the tip and get yiour money back with no way of checking that you have done it is beyond all sensible thought.

literally giving them away and wonder how many of the recycled boards will end up at the car boot two weeks later or sold from a van in the markets by the recycling team ?


I know it is the latest must have thing but where can you use them?


Can't use them in any public place only private land so if you see someboy using one on the street they are breaking the law. If you get knocked down by somebody using one in the street how do you stand legally. They at fault but not insured,police will probably give a slap on the wrist and maybe confiscate the board but you could end up in hospital with broken limbs. Even worse if they use them on the road and get hit by a car who is at fault there?


Mind you they probably had the same concerns when skate boards were all the rage originally.

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