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You don't say! How did that come about ?


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I am sure we are all pleased to hear that VW are completely innocent of faking car emissions with dodgy software in the fuel/exhaust system.


Apparently, it has been "discovered" that "a couple of rogue software engineers" installed  the errant software unbeknown to the company & completely of their own volition. :lol:

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Laughable  :lol:  :lol: 

So is the American CEO just trying to cover himself/the company by pointing the blame elsewhere (naughty software engineers tut tut... not like they would have gained anything from doing it though is there :wink:.... or is it more likely that Mr CEO been offered a big payout to point the blame elsewhere and make himself look stupid after all his job and neck was on the line anyway so he has nothing to loose by telling the odd wild porky (allegedly of course)

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Good grief is that the best he can come up with. Even I could think of a better excuse than that.


How about. It was a cyber attack by rogue alien hackers looking to dominate the world by polluting the atmosphere and make our world more like their before the planned invasion of our now weakened world.


posssibly a move by our rivals who bribed  a couple of employees to install the code to discredit product and thus get a bigger share of the market for them selves.


Or even, a couple of big kids did it and ran away. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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