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Stockton Heath's new M&S


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I've just been reading the other news site and seems that at the Stockton Heath Parish Council meeting last night the M&S representative said their new store in the village, where the Co-op was, will also have a cafe in it.

Do we really need another cafe in the village though and I bet the one right next door to it isn't too happy about hearing that bit of news.  No planning application was needed apparently for cafe inclusion.

Also quoted re parking there is a statement that says  "I accept it is not perfect – one hour free was important for us," and then she confirmed that "parking at the location will remain the same for the current 'moment of time'."

I wonder what that means, are M&S perhaps planning to taking over ownership of the the top car park as some years ago it did once belong to the shop not the council (I think).

Or does she mean that the council might be reviewing the parking there in the future?

Did anyone go to the meeting and hear it all first hand ?

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