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Titan the Robot


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Just watched the video (on the news page) of Titan the Robot.


Are references to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and sexual innuendo really suitable entertainment for family groups with small children?


Some of the town centre events have been really good but this just made me cringe.

If the idea of regenerating the town centre is to make Warrington a more 'up market' place to visit hiring 'down market' entertainers like this is not the way to go about it!

Cheap and tacky, Yuk!

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Oh dear Sha and I'm really sorry for saying this but are you being serious ?  Did you actually go or have you ever seen Titan the Robot 'live' ?  If not maybe you need to get out a bit more :lol:  

I doubt that anyone there would have been offended in the slightest by the mention of 50 shades of grey especially as they would have been able to see the person who was filming it and that it was being said to :lol: 
Young kids probably never even realised what it was about anyway and probably just though it was a micky take about his hair.

Titan is certainly not tacky or 'down market entertainment' and the market events team did well to get him again with his busy schedule as he goes all over the world.  I'd imagine a huge number of people went along because he was there too and the whole area was absolutely packed all day thanks to all the entertainment which by the way also included a huge dinosaur that wacked me with it's tail, Dr Who and his tardis, Star Wars Storm Troupers walking round, a Star Wars ship that kids could sit in and have their photo taken, R2D2 and he was quite chatty, the Back To The Future Car.... shall I go on cos plenty more if you want me to :lol: 
Even the market car park was full and it's the first time in a very long time I've had to go right to the top to find a parking space rather than by choice just for the view. 

Anyway back to Titan, I didn't see him on Saturday though as I just missed him :( but I did see him when he was at Daresbury Labs a few years back and he's absolutely fantastic and I've never laughed so much and great entertainment... he did scare me at one point though :oops:   Even my other half said he was brilliant and that's saying something.

If he's ever on anywhere else round here in the future I'll take you to see him  8):lol:

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What Dizzy said pretty much sums up a great event - and I was the the person being subjected to Titan's charms and I don't think anyone would have been offended - I certainly wasn't and I was the subject of the joke.

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Did he scare you Gary as I saw your friends video on your FB page that was taken from the other angle.  You definately took a couple of nervous steps back but the bus behind you seemed to stop you in your tracks and you pulled a scared face too :lol: :lol:  Brilliant and so funny to watch :lol:

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Damn... I just realised the link I posted doesn't work for people who aren't on facebook and your friend Gary :cry:   I'll leave it there anyway and maybe you'll get more friends now if people are intrigued :lol:

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