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Slutchers Lane new 'Tip' ? Disgusting !


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Pretty disgusted yesterday when I came across this mess. 

I'm guessing it's not a legitimate drop off point for peoples old clothes and stuff and that it has already been reported to the council.  I hope they find out who has done it and they get what they deserve !!

Down Slutcher's Lane and turn off to the right in the direction of the carting place and dogs home just before you go under the bridge.






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Clearly the lack of replies shows that this mess is ok then


strange assertion?


Of course it isn't OK.... but it could well be the stuff that is no good from one of those cash for clothes places.... There should be CCTV in the area and possibly on the railway goods yard that may hold some clues.... fly tippers get fined loads of money so there is a real incentive for the Police etc. to track them down and drag money out of them

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My 'strange assertion' got you to reply though Baz :lol:

It certainly looks like it has come from some sort of collection place/company with it all being in huge bags but there looks to be toys in it too.  Anyway here's hoping there is CCTV and footage like you say and that it will be gone soon..... unless it all blew away in the wind yesterday of course.


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Its most probably one of the scam companies who put collection bags through letterboxes.  Always check that they are a recognised charity and have a quick look online to varify they are who they claim.  

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