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Has there been a change to the forum?

Evil Sid

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It would appear so and the version number at the bottom has changed so looks like it may have been updated. 
When I tried to view last night (about 1am) I got a message saying 'forum down for essential maintenance'. 

Not only have all the avatars gone (annoyed cos I've lost my orig file for my spinning duck) but there's also annoying boxes duplicating the 'last post by....' text and it's bugging me already.

Maybe Gary can shine some light on it...... :(

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It must be magic Obs... ok it's not your internet browser's cache thingy (as discussed on the other topic) must have caught up and noticed the changes all by itself now without you having to clear it manually.  Not sure how long cache records last for but browsers are supposed to notice automatically if things change on websites and show the latest versions but for some reason some of ours weren't after the changes made to here.  I still think it's weird that some people had problems though.

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There is no logic when it comes to internet and browsers - so many people have so many different versions it is probably impossible to do something new which will automatically adapt to suit each browser.

I often visit broken sites and when I inform the owners they just say clear your cache!

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