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Car hire abroad?


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I can't see why anyone would still have an old paper driving license anyway... mine fell to bits about three weeks after I passed my test!


The paper supplement is also being done away with (if its not already been so) as everything is computerised now. When you hire a car in the UK they do a DVLA check and that will flag any endorsements you may have failed to mention

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I've still got my old 'old' paper one and I passed my test when I was 18.  I've never been told I need to change it for a photo one though so I just wont ever hire a car over here and never go abroad anyway cos I don't have a passport either lol

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my old green one was swapped for one of those pink ones when i got married and changed address . never changed address since so i still have that one and never had a photcard one especially as you have to renew it every ten years. don't need to renew the paper ones unless they fall to bits.


the old green one i had was always in my wallet and as a result by the time i got married it was a jigsaw puzzle to open. great fun whenever i was asked to show my documents, especially by the roadside on a windy day. :mrgreen:

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