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Lib Dem run Council sell off Woolston assets

Geoffrey Settle

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I've just read that not content with closing down Woolston High School the council are now going to do further asset stripping and sell off the Woolston Play Barn.


What's asset is next on the list, talk about sticking the boot in when the community is down and feels neglected?


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and right here you can see the very root of the problem of local government.... "labour did this" lib dems did that" "its all the tories fault despite the fact that labour were in charge for the previous 100 years"


Get down to the polling station in May and vote for anyone who isn't wearing the party badge. Or better still, whoever your local councillor is, VOTE AGAINST THEM and get them out. Make them realise that WE are the ones who are in charge here, not them.


I really can't wait to get to the polling station at St Philips; I just hope my useless local councillor is outside and I hope he has a strong chin to take all the abuse he is going to get from me


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Bazj with feelings so strong you're standing as an Independent?


You could then put you ideas and solutions to the test, I'm sure that Obs or Paul would mentor you. After all Paul will be doing a lot of coaching as well as canvassing for himself. Not sure if Obs is though but we'll find out on Tuesday when the candidates are announced. :wink:


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Originally posted by Watercolour:

The unusual thing is that this time they are closing facilities and selling off assets BEFORE an election - now go figure that one out, I can't?


Maybe the worm has turned :D

How come they are doing it BEFORE an election. Easy one to figure out.


The three current Borough Councillor's for Woolston and the current MP for Woolston are all Labour.


The awful decision to close Woolson High School means that most parents and residents will definately not be voting for Lib Dems or Tories because of it so Woolston is a NO WIN 'set of seats' for them anyway.


As such they can do what they like in Woolston at the moment as they know they won't loose any votes becasue they have already lost them :wink:

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I would love to be an independant councillor but unfortunately I would give so much to the party members that I would be banned from every meeting!!


The biggest problem I see with the way the council tax is spent is that whatever the annual rise, most of it seems to be taken by pay rises and gold plated pensions.


I should not be expected to work tioll I am 68 just so I can contribute to someones pension that allows them to retire at 58 or 60 or 50 in the case of some coppers. Labour were elected on a banner of fairness and how many times have you heard the word "fair" banded around in the last 10 years? "we have done this because it is fair" or "we have stopped this because it wasn't fair" and so on. It is about time that fairness came across the board; stop the pensions for the council lot and make them take out their own private ones like everyone in the private sector has to


It can't be fair that people are now looking at having to stop or reduce the amount they put into their pensions because of the ever increasing prices but still have to pay poll tax which goes towards early retirement for our public servants....SERVANTS? now there is a laugh!


Baz - swearing is not allowed even with *!


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New blood and fresh ideas that the 'stuck in the mud non-listneres' will continue to ignore regardless whilst they sit on their lazy backsides doing nothing ! And they get bloody paid for what they are supposed to be doing.


It's like banging your head on a brick wall and all for what... nothing more than a constant headache that's what !?


Yes I am having a bad day before anyone asks :D

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Gosh did I just criticise 57 faceless councillors with one posting. Guess I'm being a little over critical today :D


I was also aiming it at some of the numpty 'jobs worths' that work for them too though :wink:


What's a Boris by the way ?

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Author Sam Lloyd...


Boris is a loving little monster! He's Orange, hairy and very over-enthusiastic, He means well, but always ends up getting carried away and spoiling things but saves the day in the end :biggrinbounce:

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