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Student loans?


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Red Ed is promising a third cut in the repayment of student loans. But isn't re-payment conditional on future earnings?  In which case, those that "do well" in life will have to pay back less, with it making no difference to those who don't. Would it not make more sense; to provide free Uni education (especially in those degrees required by the economy), but with a condition that if the graduate leaves the country (taking his skills with him); the total amount of his training and education has to be paid back?

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So if I was a poorer student I would see my student loan reduce from £9000 to £6000, great, don't give a toss if a wealthier student can pay it off quicker, I'm still quids in. Plus the shortfall is going to be made up, so the Universities don't lose out either, win win. 


BTW do wealthier students pay off their loans quicker than poorer students under the present system?  :unsure:

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Precisely the point, you only pay back IF you earn a given amount in the big world. Someone at Burger King, will never pay it back; which makes the whole policy rather ridiculous. It would make more sense to provide much needed skills through education and training totally free, Then IF qualified individuals then decide to deny the British tax-payer those skills, by emigrating; then first they would have to pay back the whole amount. Currently the NHS is losing staff to Australia, the USA etc; then replacing them with imports from the elsewhere, thus denuding those countries of such skills - crazy.

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