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He's referring to a headline in the rags Diz.

'UKIP more hated than Cameron and Marmite'.


And he's trying to bait Obs     'fishing for U KIPpers'


Easy enough to work out what he's on about - but can't work out what is supposed to be so funny. 


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Sorry, PJ made my comment on this thread after reading and getting irked with the Walton Bridge destruction (on another thread) - which left me not just with no humour but in foul humour.

Now Iv'e got my right head on again I can see the humour in your post - it didn't deserve the tumbleweed and even less the grumbleweed. So I apologise and wish you a nice day! 

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and in another totally pointless poll carried out in a constituency that doesn't favour the person being polled about; the following questions were asked:


"Would you trust Ed Milliband to....."


"...Babysit your child?"                                             71% of respondents said NO


"... to pick up your laundry?"                                    68% of respondents said NO


"... to pay back a tenner?"                                        68% of respondents said NO

"... to keep a secret?"                                               83% of respondents said NO
"... to save you from a sinking ship?"                       83% of respondents said NO
So there you have it.... conclusive proof that no one trusts Ed Milliband! :)
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