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I signed up about a year ago, but have no idea how to use it, can anyone help?   I just tried to send one to a news personality who is big into tweeting and encourages people to tweet her.  I found her list of tweets and at the side it said 'Tweet Dana Perino', I clicked on that and got a text box, typed my tweet and clicked on 'Tweet' (sorry to be repetative!).  I was then back at her list of tweets, but nothing had appeared.  Have I done something wrong or do I have to wait awhile?  I have all the passwords and name etc.

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You need to be careful that it's the real Dana Perino because there may well be others using his/her name. After the name you should see @ and then if it's something like danaP3rino then it's not the real one. The other thing is that his/her Twitter account may be protected and only confirmed followers may tweet. With these you may need to follow  and wait for confirmation to tweet.

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Thanks Gary,  We are leaving for a week in San Antonio in a few minutes, but as soon as I get back I will do it - my computer is bolted to the desk and I only use a flip phone.  This is how bad it is  - how do I 'follow' you ??? 

Go on twitter logged into your account - search for @GarySkent and click on follow - you may also like to follow @warringtonworld which tweets our news alerts at least once a day.

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