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Piece of Celtic metal work from Daresbury

GL 2484

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Nice find but not surprising as Wilderspool and Stockton Heath is awash with Celtic and Roman artifacts as Well as Warburton where I uncovered the Roman settlement and a hoard of Roman Silver including a solid silver Roman snake bracelet, all now in Manchester Museum for future generations to see. 

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Yes your right James . I have your video and book and the Time team fiasco ( Did they know what they were looking at ? ) . That is the second piece of Iron Age from the same small field the first being the Dragonesque Brooch I posted previously so they were definitely active in that area.  Warrington is surrounded by all ages of history. I have a 'Wirral' type brooch in the 'Ancient worlds' exhibition at Manchester museum at the moment and have donated it to their collection when the exhibition is over.  Thanks for your comments.

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