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Trying to find Peter & Karen Craddock


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As the title. I'm trying to find these two old friends of the above name that I lost contact with some 30+ years ago. Can anyone help me with their whereabouts? I'd really like to contact them again. I am led to believe that they are still in Warrington.


Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to the forum from me too Flatlander :D

Gay omitted to mention that I'm only good at finding people who are over 100 years old and who appear on all the old census returns and I'm sure you and your friends are not that old :lol:

I shall see if I can find anything for you anywhere else though although you will have probably already looked in the more obvious places yourself.

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I have found an address which lists a Peter and Karen Craddock (and two other Cradocks, Mark and Zoe ) on the UK Electoral Register.

It shows Peter (head of house) having lived at the same address for 28 years in total but the records only detail the other members of the household from 2002 to 2006.  It also shows Peter being in the age range of 60 to 64 in 2006 so could that be him/them?   They could still live there and may have opted out of their details being searchable on the full electoral roll list.... or they might have moved.

If that sounds like it could be them let me know and I will send you a personal message with that address for you to try as it would be unfair of me to post it on here for their privacy as the whole world can see this forum :wink:

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Thanks for the welcome.


As I'm sure you'll understand, looking for someone from this distance is difficult!


Why is it more difficult to find someone that is alive, than it is to find someone who has passed on? At least, thats what I found out when I did the family research thing!


Edit: I would have guessed that he was in the 60-64 range now. If he has lived there for 28 years, then that would have put his move there in 1986? Which I would think is possible.


I fully agree about the privacy thing, I was unsure if it was even correct to put his name on here. 


Thanks for the help.

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I'll message you the 2006 address and details now.  I just looked on the BT phone book but cant find and record for a phone number or their name, they could be ex directory.

At the very top of your screen you will see your forum name on the top right hand side.  You should get a little red notification saying you have a message

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There is a lady of the name you are looking for from  Warrington on facebook who has a profile picture with a guy who is in the age range you are looking for - check it out and if they look familar just send a message and you never know.

Good luck.

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